Contextual Bible Storying

There are about 12,000 unique people groups in the world. About half of these groups are considered unreached by the gospel. Most of these people (about 4 billion) typically learn through non-literate means. That means that, even if there is a Bible available in their language, they probably won’t read it. These numbers don’t even take into consideration the people you work or live with who just don’t read books.

So, how are we supposed to share the truth in the Bible if people won’t read?

Contextual Bible Storying is a method for sharing Bible stories with non-literate learners. The teacher, or storyteller, learns to accurately re-tell a bible story in their own words, careful not to change anything of importance in the text. I got to spend an entire Saturday learning how to do this at a conference with Living Water International. I had a lot of fun.

Maybe it doesn’t sound fun. Maybe it sounds like a lame story time for grown ups. The truth is though, that everyone likes stories. We tell stories all the time. Learning to re-tell Bible stories made the stories come alive to me. The dry pages disappeared and the reality of what they describe seeped into my heart.

Jesus really walked the earth two thousand years ago. He got tired and hungry and thirsty. He knew what it was like to have a friend and what it was like to be lonely. He knew love and loss and heartbreak. He even made wine at a wedding.

I’m so glad He’s real. I’m so glad His friends wrote His stories down. I’m glad I can share the same stories.

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