I Made it!

After more than a year of research, planning and preparation, I am finally in Nicaragua. Monday morning, I left my parents’ house at 3 am. Two flights, two car rides, and only 11 hours later I arrived at the YWAM base here in Diriamba, Nicaragua.

So far, everything is going really well and the base is very calm. I didn’t know what day of the week today was until I logged on to my computer. The K-6th grade school is on break right now and none of the training schools are running. Most of the westerners who work here have returned to the states to rest and be with family. As of right now, there is only one other native English speaker around. This is great for me, because it forces me to work on and improve my Spanish.

I have had multiple people bring me good books to read about Nicaragua, Latin-American history and culture.

Nicaragua is beautiful right now. The rainy season just ended and everything is bright green. Its been cloudy, which has kept the temperature down during the day and its cool enough at night for me to sleep all the way inside my summer sleeping bag. I’ve been drinking coffee and reading about Nicaraguan culture and Latin-American history. Its really good to be here.

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  1. I’m so glad you made it safely and that the weather is nice for you on your arrival. 🙂 You are always in our thoughts and prayers and you are missed greatly! Please stay safe and know that we think about you often.
    The Chapmans

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